The end of Oathkeeper Issue One!

I wanted to be able to end the entire run here if necessary. I didn’t expect I would enjoy it as much as I would. The art was rough, the writing had weaknesses, but ultimately, I’m proud of myself for pulling this off.
The stuff I hated: The pacing. The story dragged and the climax kind of sputtered out. The art. Some pages looked flat out awful, or lazy, or both. Having a huge buffer was great for every purpose except being able to feel proud of pages as they went up. I wish I could have defined Alice coming up with ‘Oathkeeper’ and the reason why she visualizes her armor the way she does, though.


What did I like? I got everything across in an ‘origin issue’ that I wanted. Alice is a defined character. She has a ‘supporting cast’ in her family, Cheryl, and James. Her powers are laid out: the ability to heal, summon holy fire, a suit of armor, and the war hammer. I got to lay out a little bit of the world – Scott McGowan, the Infinity Legion, heroes, and Twin Falls.


Overall, I’d say Issue One is a success at building a foundation. Issue Two starts on Monday.